Jason Beggs

Hey! I'm Jason - a freelance web developer.

For over 8 years, I’ve been working with startups and industry leaders to build modern, full-stack web apps and websites with Statamic, Laravel, Livewire, Alpine.js, and Tailwind. I focus on two aspects of web development:

Custom websites and design implementation

I love taking designs from Figma and Sketch and bringing them to life (with pixel-perfect attention to detail) using popular tools like Tailwind and Statamic. I’ve done it so much that I even created a website specifically for that service, designtotailwind.com.

If you don't already have a design, no worries - I can put you in touch with a few of the best designers I'd personally vouch for.

I recently became an official Statamic Partner.

Custom web applications

I also enjoy building fully custom web apps with Livewire and Alpine.js. Whether it's a full web app, a custom form or interaction inside a Statamic site, or general TALL stack consulting - I can handle it.

As part of my custom web development endeavors, I'm working on building the Livewire Partner Program with Caleb, the creator of Livewire.

Past clients

I've worked with companies like Laravel, Tailwind Labs, Laravel News, Tighten, Tuple, and Clearstream. If you're interested in working together, email me, and we can discuss the project you have in mind!