Jason Beggs

I'm a fullstack developer specialized in Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js + Livewire, and Vue.js + Inertia.js helping companies succeed by building and improving web applications. I own roasted.dev, a web development agency.

I'm also working on Alpine Components with Caleb Porzio!

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Services I Provide

Website design, complete web applications, upgrades, user experience, code audits, APIs. You name it - I can probably do it.

Web Applications

Building scalable, maintainable web applications to help businesses be engaging and profitable is my sweet spot.


Need an API for your mobile app or JavaScript SPA? I can help out with that.

Web Design

I can design a site from the ground-up, or if you already have a design, I can implement it in HTML and CSS.

Companies I've Worked With

I've had the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing companies so far. Will yours be the next?

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Blog Posts I've Written

I've written a few blog posts detailing things I was working on at the time. Check them out below!

Tailwind CSS Tips and Tricks

This post details how to resolve issues that developers might run into when using Tailwind CSS.

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Laravel firstOrNew, firstOrCreate, firstOr, and updateOrCreate methods

In this article, I explain some of Laravel's alternative create/update methods that can help clean up your code.

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Getting Started with Tailwind CSS Custom Forms

In this tutorial, I show you how to install the Tailwind CSS Custom Forms plugin and get started using it.

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Do you want to work together? Leave me a note here, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.