The first alpha of Tailwind CSS v3 is now released

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It's here. Adam Wathan has announced the first alpha release of Tailwind v3. The Tailwind team has been working hard to add some awesome new features and make the existing features even better!

New features

Some of my favorite new features include:

  • JIT Mode being the new way Tailwind is compiled
  • The new JIT CDN
  • New scroll-snap utilities
  • A new file: variant for styling file upload buttons

Breaking changes

As always, the Tailwind team did a great job keeping the breaking changes to a minimum.

  • There are some changes to the purge configuration.
  • Some color names may need to be changed.
  • The overflow-clip class has been renamed to text-clip.
  • PostCSS 7 is no longer supported.


There have already been some great features announced, and I'm sure there will be more to come in v3. Go check out the full details in the release notes on GitHub, take it for a spin, and let the Tailwind team know if you run into any issues! Also, encourage them by letting them know which new features are your favorite!